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Anderson Bean Mens Cowboy Boots Black Elephant Hide

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Anderson Bean Mens Cowboy Boots Black Elephant Hide

Anderson Bean Elphant Hide Boots: Disclaimer: if you buy a pair of elephant skin boots, you won't need another pair for years! Elephant skin is a very tough skin, it will not give on the foot much, which means this boot will not quit! If you were to take a key to the leather of this boot, you wouldn't even see a scratch, it is that tough! The tough leather mixed with the high quality of every Anderson Bean boot makes this boot a perfect buy for anyone! Keep in mind, that since this is such a tough skin, not all colors will be uniform the leather will take the dye different all over. This boot is also made just for Boot City, so give us a call so we can make sure this boot is available to ship immediately so you can start testing this leather!

  • Foot: Black Elephant Hide
  • Top: 13 Inch Bone Mad Cat with Star Embroidery
  • Toe: Wide Square
  • Heel: 1 1/2 Inch Long Base Roper
  • Insole: Cushion
  • Outsole: Leather
Foot Color
Black Boots
Upper Color
Tan Upper

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