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Ariat Ladies' Fatbaby Cowgirl Boots Brown Bomber With Fatbaby Bump Toe

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Ariat Ladies Fatbaby Cowgirl Boots Brown Bomber With Fatbaby Bump Toe

  • Foot: Brown Bomber Premium Full-grain Leather
  • Top: 8” Brown Bomber Suede
  • Toe: Round Fatbaby Bump Toe
  • Heel: 1.75 Shoe Heel
  • Insole: Removable 4LR™ Cushion Insole
  • Outsole: Everlon™ combination and rubber outsole

10000822, The Fatbaby boots are an Ariat classic. Those with athletic or sensitive calves will love the 8 inch top. These particular boots with the Brown Bomber foot are very durable. A lot of people love the distressed look because it hardly takes any effort to maintain it. In fact there are many people who believe that scuff marks (if they chose to let them stay) add to the character of the boots. The 4LR™ technology combines comfort with stability for all day comfort, while the Everlon™ sole eases the feet and delivers wear-resistance.The Fatbaby bump toe will give you a little bit of wiggle room if your toes are claustrophobic. Ariat does not recommend these for horseback riding, however we do sell these to motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Red Boots
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