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X Marks The Spot

“What the heck does X mean?” This is what I heard as I was sitting in my office today and I thought to myself “That is a good blog idea!” Many people don’t understand what the X rating is and no it’s not the X rated you might be thinking of!

X Marks The Spot Felt Hat Facts:

Let’s talk about a 4X hat. The 4X has 4 times the fur to the wool felt. The wool felt is the cheaper component and the fur is the more expensive component. That is why the more X’s you see the more expensive the hat is.

I believe a 4X hat has enough fur in it to make a good work hat. Stop and think about it the beavers and or rabbits live out in the elements on a daily basis. The 4X should have enough fur in it to withstand a rainstorm or sprinkling of rain. If you do get caught in a rainstorm let your hat dry naturally, never force it dry. When you are not wearing your hat let it sit on the crown not on the brim. The reason for this is the crown distributes the weight evenly and if you leave it sitting on the brim you could warp it where one side is higher or lower than the other.

Beaver and Nutria, are the finest fur, usually used in the best hats. It’s important to note that “fur” in this context is the downy under-fur of these animals. Only this under-fur has the kind of composition to make a strong weather resistant felt. Fur felts are superior to all other felts because of their smoothness in texture. The fur felt hats are also lighter weight than the wool felt hats.

Calamity Jane’s favorite 4X:

SBAPCH-7540 07-Black The Stetson Apache is part of their Buffalo Collection. It features a 4 5/8 inch Cattleman’s crown with a 4 inch brim. These hats come creased by the factory. Boot City has an amazing steamer that is more than ready to make the changes that you prefer. You can use a black, soft-bristle hat brush to swipe the dirt and dust away. Just remember that you should not use the same brush on a lighter colored hat.

 X Marks The Spot Conclusion:

When shopping for a felt hat always touch the hat. The more velvet the texture is means the more quality fur is in the hat. The other item that affects the price is the trim that is used on the hat band. More often than not sterling silver is used for the buckle set with 14K gold accents. Back in the day there was a diamond horseshoe and yes you guessed it the hat actually had a Diamond Horseshoe hat pin.