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April Top Three

Hello boot world, how is everyone doing on this fine day?  Well we have gotten to that time again where I tell you my top three of the month.  So for my April Top Three of the month I am going to tell you about a Circle G, Durango, and Laredo.  These are the boots that every lady needs to have in her closet.

April Top Three #1

April Top Three L5175The first on my April Top Three list is Circle G style L5175 priced at 129.99.  This Circle G adds flower power to your wardrobe. The distressed black vamp and shaft features a multicolored embroidered design.  Furthermore, you can wear them to church, graduations, weddings, and even nights out with friends. Pair them with skirts, dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans to show off the stunning embroidery. The possibilities are endless! These boots are so versatile. The snip toe and slanted heel makes these boots an ideal choice when it comes to slightly formal occasions.  So ladies add this great floral boot to your collection and have fun playing dress up.

April Top Three #2

April Top Three DCRD183The second on my April Top Three list is Durango style DCRD183 priced at 129.99.  This Durango is made of marbled soft turquoise leather. If you’re that cowgirl craving a pop of color this turquoise boot is just for you! Finally the rubber outsole provides a flexible, sturdy base.  In addition the comfort comes from a Cushion Flex insole and soft mesh lining. A tempered steel shank gives you arch support and a stable platform for all day wear.  You can never go wrong when it comes to turquoise and every girl needs a pop of color in her wardrobe.  So why not make it this boot.  The possibilities are endless with what you can wear them with.

April Top Three #3

April Top 3 52033Last but not least the third on my April Top Three list is Laredo style 52033 priced at 139.99.  In addition the Laredo Cross Point Boots are real show stoppers. First of all, the burnt rust leather is soft and burnished it really shows off the details of this boot. The cross inlays are almost the same color as the boot and the nail-head studs help to show off the crosses in the inlays. The 13 inch tops are perfect to wear with skirts or dresses.  Honestly if you only decide on one boot this is the one.  Why you ask?  Let me tell, because it’s elegant but simple and can be worn on an everyday bases.  This is the boot that can go from dressy to casual with just a change of an outfit and accessories.

Well boot world I hope you love my April Top Three has much has I do.  Come on down to Boot City and take a look around.  One of our friendly crew members will be happy to help you find your perfect

Laredo Inlay Boots

Hello there boot world how is everyone doing on this fine day?  Today I want to tell you about some great ladies Laredo Inlay Boots.  I just love these boots they all give you a little extra something for when we want our edgy side to come out.

Laredo Inlay #1

Laredo Inlay 52130Take a walk on the wild side with this leopard inlay goat-skin boot from Laredo. The inlays are fabulous and goat-skin leather is so easy to break in. Laredo is a price point boot because they hold the price down with a composition sole. So if you want an inlay boot that is priced right and offers exceptional fashion and flair this is my pick.  Style 52130 is at steal at only 149.99.

Laredo Inlay #2

Laredo Inlay 52047This Sharona boot by Laredo has a ton of fashion without the price! You will LOVE the fashionable snip toe and the turquoise underlay is beautiful. The boot has matching vamp and shaft leather that is dark Charcoal leather with that gorgeous turquoise underlay. I would pair these with a cute pair of denim cut offs and a turquoise t-shirt.  Style 52047 is another great Laredo boot that is priced at only 159.99.  Really can’t beat that a gorgeous boot at gorgeous prizing.

Laredo Inlay #3

Laredo Inlay 52132Laredo style 52132 is another amazing boot at an amazing price of 149.99.  The inlays are fabulous and goat-skin leather is so easy to break in. Laredo is a price point boot because they hold the price down with a composition sole.   Of the 3 boots this one is my absolute favorite boot.  I love the way the leopard print inlay really stand out and gets your attention.  This is the boot that you most defiantly want to show off.  So Pair them with a cute pair cut off shorts or even a little black dress.  Let your wild side come out while dancing the night away in these beauties.

So boot world tell Boot City help you bring out that edgy cowgirl with these stunning Laredo Inlay Boots.  One of our friendly crew members will most defiantly help you tame a pair.

Wide Calf Boots By Laredo!

Wide calf boots ROCK! Hi everyone! I can’t tell you how happy I am about these two new wide-calf boots. I’m a fluffy girl myself and sometimes it is hard to find a taller boot that doesn’t cramp my calves and my style! Short boots are fine with jeans but I like to wear a taller top boot with skirts and dresses and this boot by Laredo is awesome. They offer this boot in two color choices Brown/Tan and Black/Tan and both colors are stunning.

Wide Calf Style #1 Access 51079

Wide Calf

Laredo Wide Calf 51079

The Laredo style number 51079 is called Access…mainly because they are so easy to pull on with their deep cut scallop. This is the black/tan version and I LOVE how beautiful the stitching is on the tops. The stitching really makes this color pop and gives it lots of shelf appeal. This boot is value priced at 134.99 and both colors wouldn’t be a total budget BUSTER!

Wide Calf Style #2 Access 51078

Wide Calf

Laredo Wide Calf 51078

The Laredo Style # 51078 is another color version of the Access. This is the brown/tan version and they are just as lovely as the others, the touch of blue in the stitching makes this boot denim friendly. Both of these Boots have a soft lining in a cheetah print and offer comfort with the Laredo Flex Out sole which is the high abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.


These are both made with the goat skin leather vamp and shaft. The Goat skin is a light weight, tight grained leather known for its durability. Goat skin is commonly used in western boots and work gloves. Goat skin is widely praised for its’ ability to easily break in and offer durable wear. I hope you are as excited as I am for a company to step up their game and offer wide calf boots as a selection.






Time for Turquoise

Hello boot world, how is everyone doing today?  Myself I am blessed.  So today I want to talk to you about what else boots.  With spring upon us and summer just around the corner it’s time for Turquoise.  That’s right time to break out your favorite turquoise boots and show them off.

Turquoise Pick #1

Turquoise Dan Post DP3539The first boot I want to tell you about is going to be a Dan Post and it is priced at 214.99.  Style DP3531 is called the Kiki! The Vintage sanded turquoise leather vamp and 12 inch upper is so supple and the nail head accents give this boot a look that is right on trend.  Now this boot is most defiantly a show stopper, so show it off.  I would so wear these boots with every pair of shorts I own.  I thing they would like really pretty with a white spring dress.  Now honestly I think they would like great for a bride to wear that is going to have a country theme.  It would so give her color and sass that’s for sure.  This boot is just plan stunning no other way to describe it.

Turquoise Pick #2

Turquoise Dan Post DP3944The second boot I am going to tell you about is going to be another Dan Post and is priced at 212.99.  Style DP3944 is an 11” soft turquoise leather uppers give this boot plenty of shelf appeal! The broad square toe is super comfortable and these are Cowboy Certified with a combination leather rubber outsole. Add the Soft Strike Removable Orthotic and you have a super comfortable boot for walking the range or riding in the saddle!  I just love the color combination of Chocolate and Turquoise.  I think the chocolate vamp pops and is what makes this boot stand out.  This is a great boot that you can do anything in.  With this Dan Post being Cowboy Certified you can most defiantly get your rounds on the farm done in them and they not hurt your feet.  Then with it being such a good looking boot you can still take it out on the town.  So have fun and pair them up with shorts, skinnies, tights, or even a dress.  Either way this is truly one boot that can go from work to play and look good while you do both.

Turquoise Pick#3

Turquooise Laredo 52032The last boot I am going to tell you about is going to be a Laredo priced at 139.99.  These Laredo Cross Point Boots are truly a stunning looking boot. Laredo style 52032 has tan leather that is so soft and burnished to really show off the details of this boot. The cross inlays and wing tip are a vintage turquoise color and the nail-head studs help to show off the crosses in the inlays. What I love about this particular boot is the way the turquoise is real subtle and how if flows through the boot.  My favorite detail about this boot is the turquoise cross inlays.  So make sure you pull out your favorite cut off shorts or skirts because the 13 inch tops are just the right weight.  I know my boots like these I just love showing them off and you will to guarantee it.

Well boot world don’t forget it is time for turquoise so come check out all our great looks.  I am sure you will find the right boot with just enough color and sass for that summer concert, summer wedding, and even graduation pictures.


Spring and Summer Boots

Howdy Boot World how is everyone today? Myself I am blessed. So today I want to talk to you about three things that I love Spring, Summer and Boots.  These boots are going to be great for spring and summer. With outdoor concerts, bar-b-ques, graduations, and wedding season all coming up you always need a great pair of boots to wear with a spring dress or shorts. Here are a few of my favorite that will look great with just about any summer look you have.

Spring and Summer Boots Roper

Spring and Summer Boots Roper'sThe first boot is going to be Roper Ladies’ Cowboy Boots Brown Faux Leather with Fringe and Rhinestone Accents style number 0902115560682. This boot is part of their women’s fashion collection.   The fringe and rhinestone accents make this boot truly a fashion statement. This is a fun boot with lots of sass. What I love about the boot personally is the fringe. What is not fun about fringe? Then they have just a little bit of what is called a western fashion heel. So it helps you get that longed legged look. I love wearing these boots with just about everything. My favorite is to wear them with my favorite cut off shorts, cute summer top and a fringe vest. Another great look is to pair your Roper’s with is a great spring dress and matching headband. With these boots the choices are endless.

Spring and Summer Boots Ariat

Spring and Summer Boots AriatThe next must have boot for spring and summer is the Ariat Vaquera style 10017364. This Ariat is a Saddle Tan color with turquoise piping and stitching. Within the turquoise stitching there is also an inlay design in yellow. These boots are stunning. They have a hippie like feeling to them with the color scheme and stitch pattern design. These boots are my favorite. I wear them with just about everything. I like to wear them with skinny jeans and tights so I can show them off. However, my favorite look with these Vaquera is when I wear my favorite light wash cut off shorts, any of my fun summer tops with a matching headband. They also look great with summer dresses. I have even worn them to a wedding before and got tons of complements. I love to wear them to concerts because one they look great and they have Ariat ATS technology which means my feet are not killing by the end of the night.

Spring and Summer Boots Laredo

Spring and Summer Boots LaredoThe last boot I am going to tell you about is the Laredo Stars and Stripes style number 52165. Love, love, love this boot. This is a great patriotic boot. The tops are so pretty with Stars and Strips theme. The brown vamp is soft leather with stars on it has well. The snip toe has a design with stars cut out of the leather with blue inlay inside the stars. I first wore these boots for a 4th Of July party and I received tons of complements. I wore them with a blue jean summer dress and headband. I also like pairing my Laredo’s with cut off shorts and pretty much any top. One thing you need to remember with boots that have a “theme” to them don’t be afraid to mix and match them with all your favorite outfits. This is a fun boot that will most defiantly be a conversation starter.

So ladies, these are a few of my favorite boots for summer and spring. A great thing to remember is you can wear any pair of cowboy boots with cut off shorts and or dresses. Have fun. Mix and match and see what great trends you can start.

“Price Is Right”

Price Point boots under 150.00 dollars! Howdy Ladies! Lubbock just had a Gala and I feel like I need to write a blog on some of the Fabulous Finds Boot City has on Price Point boots. This blog is going to highlight some BEAUTIFUL boots that are bargain priced under 150.00 dollars.

52145 Price 109.99 L5042G Price 119.99

Price under $ 150.00 52145 and L5042G

52142 Price 109.99 Cullison Laredo

This boot falls into the Under 150.00 category with a selling price of 109.99 and it wraps a ton of fashion into a pair of boots that can be worn with Black or Brown! The Cullison has gorgeous details that include wing tips and whip stitching. The 52142 doesn’t stop there it has the Laredo Flex cushion system on the inside. The distressed leather has a vintage feel and they are packed with all the charm of boots that were made in a long gone era.

L5042G Price 119.99 Brown with Cross Embroidery Corral

Circle G Boot is a Price Point division of Corral Boots. The L5042G packs a punch with embroidery accents! The crosses adorn the outside edges of this boot. The regular price of this boot is 129.99 and we have it on sale right now for 10.00 dollars off, Woot Woot! This Circle G is a super value because it has a leather vamp, shaft and sole. The beautiful light brown color is very neutral and the light beige embroidery is an elegant detail. For Dress or Casual wear this boot will take you there!

L5104 Price 129.99 Honey with Turquoise Cross accents Corral

L5104 Price 129.99

L5104 129.99

The cross and wings embroidery has been so popular across the board and this little boot by Circle G has it all going on! The L5104 has 12” tops that are perfect with your favorite dress and I personally LOVE the snip toe on a dress boot! Let’s talk turquoise for just a minute; this color has transcended the western world to fashionistas everywhere! So easy to find clothes that have included this color and wow what a look when you pull it all together with these boots at 129.99 they’re a steal!

51047 Price 139.99 Cassie Laredo

Price 139.99 51047

51047 139.99

This boot 51047 is a color that is right on point and 139.99 is a bargin! Taupe is the new Brown and this boot has something for everyone! I love the gold stud accents that adorn this boot and the soft crackled taupe leather is amazingly neutral. We have sold these for Wedding Boots, Formals and any special occasion actually. If the dress is long or short this boot will stand out in a crowd, be prepared for that question “where did you find those Boots” of course!

Calamity Jane @ Boot City