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Remarkable Lucchese

“Sam Lucchese’s Boots are for the Rhinestone Cowboy in Everyone” Lucchese boots are remarkable boots for People with discriminating taste.

Remarkable Style M1635R4

The Lucchese M1635R4 is a remarkable cognac colored boot made out of 100% A grade leathers. Due to the quality and style of this boot it will be durable and fashionable for years to come! The boot industry grades leather just like they grade beef in the supermarket and of course A is the best. Exotic Caiman Belly are the ultimate in dress leathers and these vamps are full piece construction. Full vamp construction is the most expensive way to make a boot. If you’re tired of a world full of plain and lackluster brown and black boots this is the boot for you! These gorgeous Lucchese boots urge you to add a dash of spice to your life and your wardrobe. The Sienna Belly Crocodile receives a standing ovation when it comes to its stylish appearance. Boot toes change all the time. Everyone has different idea about fashionable toes pointed, square, round, broad round and snip! My humble opinion is the R round toe is considered a timeless toe that is always in fashion.  The 13 Inch Dark Brown Derby Calf is a classic shaft with cording and stitch pattern that contrasts with the natural straight lines of the exotic leather. The 4 heel on this boot is also known as the western dress heel, not too short and not too tall! JUST RIGHT! This boot is also called the Charles and the other colors available are style # M1636R4 Black and M1637R4 Black Cherry.



M1636R4 has the same gorgeous details as M1635R4 and black is always considered the ultimate in dress wear. Perfect for suits and or a tuxedo this boot screams styling and profiling. Therefore if you are going to the CMA awards, Capitol Hill, or your daughter’s wedding this is the boot for you!


M1637R4 is the same boot that is offered in a beautiful burgundy color otherwise known as black cherry. Customers love the stunning color of these boots and I bet I can guess what you’re thinking “BURGUNDY”?! I promise you this boot is a very neutral color! Black Cherry is one of the only colors that looks good with black, brown or blue! Therefore my words to you “Try It You’ll like it!”