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Stock Show Boots

The Stock Show is calling my name…Houston Stock Show is March 1-20 and what do you think these kids are wearing? Boots I tell you, lots of boots. All kinds of boots and all colors.The Houston Stock Show is a big one with plenty to do for the young and old alike! Carnival, Live Music, Bar B Que Cook Off, Rodeo and Stock Show lots of fun for all ages. Head to Houston now!

Stock Show Roots

Texas 4 H dates back to 1908 with a Corn Club if you can believe that! In just a few short years this grew to include Pig Clubs and Beef Calf Clubs. 1912 ushered in Tomato Clubs and the Stage was set for rapid expansion to include more than one million youth in 2000. The original 4H emblem adopted nationally in 1911 only consisted of 3 H’s, 1 each for Head, Hands and Heart. A few years later another H was added for Health to form the familiar 4 leaf clover design of today. Lubbock is proud to be in the rotation to host the National 4 H convention.

Stock Shows and 4H

Head, Hands, Heart, & Health

Stock Show picks by Calamity Jane, Drum roll please…

Olathe’s Cowboy Collection style # OK34 is made of toast bison leather with a 10” tall black top with eye popping lime green diamond pattern inlay. This boot stops traffic and looks awesome!

Stock Show

Olathe OK34

Twisted X style YBK0006 is built for function. The copper foot features a blue toe bug. The 13 Inch blue tops features a white longhorn embroidered on the front and the Twisted X logo embroidered on the back. These have a thin rubber out-sole that is flexible and adds durability.

Stock Show

Twisted X YBK0006

Let’s talk comfort for all day wear the Twisted X bare roots beginning YDM001 Children’s chukka in a brown bomber color and check out how much this little shoe has evolved…almost as much as 4H! YDM0021YDM0006YDM0012YDM0007 YDM0017

Stock Show

Twisted X YDM0001