Spring and Summer Boots

Howdy Boot World how is everyone today? Myself I am blessed. So today I want to talk to you about three things that I love Spring, Summer and Boots.  These boots are going to be great for spring and summer. With outdoor concerts, bar-b-ques, graduations, and wedding season all coming up you always need a great pair of boots to wear with a spring dress or shorts. Here are a few of my favorite that will look great with just about any summer look you have.

Spring and Summer Boots Roper

Spring and Summer Boots Roper'sThe first boot is going to be Roper Ladies’ Cowboy Boots Brown Faux Leather with Fringe and Rhinestone Accents style number 0902115560682. This boot is part of their women’s fashion collection.   The fringe and rhinestone accents make this boot truly a fashion statement. This is a fun boot with lots of sass. What I love about the boot personally is the fringe. What is not fun about fringe? Then they have just a little bit of what is called a western fashion heel. So it helps you get that longed legged look. I love wearing these boots with just about everything. My favorite is to wear them with my favorite cut off shorts, cute summer top and a fringe vest. Another great look is to pair your Roper’s with is a great spring dress and matching headband. With these boots the choices are endless.

Spring and Summer Boots Ariat

Spring and Summer Boots AriatThe next must have boot for spring and summer is the Ariat Vaquera style 10017364. This Ariat is a Saddle Tan color with turquoise piping and stitching. Within the turquoise stitching there is also an inlay design in yellow. These boots are stunning. They have a hippie like feeling to them with the color scheme and stitch pattern design. These boots are my favorite. I wear them with just about everything. I like to wear them with skinny jeans and tights so I can show them off. However, my favorite look with these Vaquera is when I wear my favorite light wash cut off shorts, any of my fun summer tops with a matching headband. They also look great with summer dresses. I have even worn them to a wedding before and got tons of complements. I love to wear them to concerts because one they look great and they have Ariat ATS technology which means my feet are not killing by the end of the night.

Spring and Summer Boots Laredo

Spring and Summer Boots LaredoThe last boot I am going to tell you about is the Laredo Stars and Stripes style number 52165. Love, love, love this boot. This is a great patriotic boot. The tops are so pretty with Stars and Strips theme. The brown vamp is soft leather with stars on it has well. The snip toe has a design with stars cut out of the leather with blue inlay inside the stars. I first wore these boots for a 4th Of July party and I received tons of complements. I wore them with a blue jean summer dress and headband. I also like pairing my Laredo’s with cut off shorts and pretty much any top. One thing you need to remember with boots that have a “theme” to them don’t be afraid to mix and match them with all your favorite outfits. This is a fun boot that will most defiantly be a conversation starter.

So ladies, these are a few of my favorite boots for summer and spring. A great thing to remember is you can wear any pair of cowboy boots with cut off shorts and or dresses. Have fun. Mix and match and see what great trends you can start.