Sweet Chocolate Boots

Hello boot world, how is everyone doing on this fine day? So today I want to talk to you about some Sweet Chocolate Boots.  That’s right we have some great looking chocolate colored boots.

Sweet Chocolate Boots #1

Sweet Chocolate Boots 1509309The first sweet chocolate boots are style 1509309.  This particular Ferrini is a Chocolate Maverick Cowhide Leather with a 13 inch Chocolate Embroidery tops. The inside is butter soft lambskin leather for superior comfort and the sole is hand stitched in leather for excellent traction. The insole is cushioned for added shock absorption. This Ferrini has a square toe with a block heel. Ferrini’s hands-on process from procurement through tanning creates the unique opportunity to make a perfect material for each unique style of handcrafted boots. So this boot is going to look great with your favorite pair of Cinch Jeans, dark color button down and your favorite Cowboy Hat. This Chocolate Ferrini is a great boot that is ready for work or play. Finally the price makes this boot that much sweeter.

Sweet Chocolate Boots #2

Sweet Chocolate Boots Br305The second sweet chocolate boots are style BR305.  So this Justin is part of the Justin Bent Rail Collection. The Chocolate Bisonte calf skin is a rich dark brown calf skin with a 13 inch white top and I Love the pull holes used to pull them on. The Block heel is just the right height and the broad square give your tootsies lots of room. The J-Flex Flexible Comfort System is something your feet will thank you for and the leather outsole will keep you sliding on the dance floor! This Justin is also handcrafted in the USA.  An added bonus for those staying true to the Red White and Blue.  This Justin is another great chocolate color boot that is going to be great for everyday wear.  Come on what is more American than Justin boots handcrafted right here in the USA and Chocolate.

Sweet Chocolate Boots #3

Sweet Chocolate Boots MHY0018The third sweet chocolate boots are style MHY0018.  So this Twisted X features a Chocolate vamp and 12-inch Neon Orange tops, a bold color combination. The HOOEY logo is embroidered front-and-center on tops.  It truly stands out against the neon orange. The leather stirrup friendly leather outsole allows you to ride confidently if the need arises. You can also pair these boots with dress slacks for upcoming weddings or church events.  So this Twisted X Chocolate is going to be a great dress boot.  The dark chocolate vamp really stands out and makes this a boot to show off.

Well boot world I hope you love these sweet chocolate boots has much has I do.  If you do come on down to Boot City and find your favorite piece of chocolate.