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Wide Calf Boots By Laredo!

Wide calf boots ROCK! Hi everyone! I can’t tell you how happy I am about these two new wide-calf boots. I’m a fluffy girl myself and sometimes it is hard to find a taller boot that doesn’t cramp my calves and my style! Short boots are fine with jeans but I like to wear a taller top boot with skirts and dresses and this boot by Laredo is awesome. They offer this boot in two color choices Brown/Tan and Black/Tan and both colors are stunning.

Wide Calf Style #1 Access 51079

Wide Calf

Laredo Wide Calf 51079

The Laredo style number 51079 is called Access…mainly because they are so easy to pull on with their deep cut scallop. This is the black/tan version and I LOVE how beautiful the stitching is on the tops. The stitching really makes this color pop and gives it lots of shelf appeal. This boot is value priced at 134.99 and both colors wouldn’t be a total budget BUSTER!

Wide Calf Style #2 Access 51078

Wide Calf

Laredo Wide Calf 51078

The Laredo Style # 51078 is another color version of the Access. This is the brown/tan version and they are just as lovely as the others, the touch of blue in the stitching makes this boot denim friendly. Both of these Boots have a soft lining in a cheetah print and offer comfort with the Laredo Flex Out sole which is the high abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.


These are both made with the goat skin leather vamp and shaft. The Goat skin is a light weight, tight grained leather known for its durability. Goat skin is commonly used in western boots and work gloves. Goat skin is widely praised for its’ ability to easily break in and offer durable wear. I hope you are as excited as I am for a company to step up their game and offer wide calf boots as a selection.






Fitting A Boot

Fitting a boot is a little different than fitting a shoe. It has been a while since I talked about this and I thought I would offer the refresher course on proper fit.


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Fitting a Boot:

  1. When you pull the boot on there should be a slight pop as you clear the instep.
  2. Once you are in the boot the leather should feel comfortably snug not super tight. If you feel a heartbeat sensation that is way too tight.
  3. The end of your longest toe should be in the center of the toe box. The toe box is a piece of fiberglass that supports the toe area of the boot it is sandwiched between the outside leather and the inside lining.
  4. The ball (knob underneath your big toe) should line up with the widest part of the sole and check this while standing up. Bend over and find the ball and see if your index finger lines up with the widest part of the leather sole. If it does then that is a good fit and the arch is sitting under the arch of your foot for the best support.
  5. When you stand up and walk there should be a slight slippage in the heel and this is how it should be. The heel slippage will go away as soon as the boot breaks in. This is typically a 3 part process but the good news is it happen relatively quickly with wear. There is another piece of fiberglass that is called the heel counter (this is a horseshoe shaped piece of plastic that wraps around the heel). The heat from your feet will help this counter mold to your exact heel shape of your foot. The second thing that has to happen is the sole needs to flex or bend where you foot bends. When you pick up a new boot and try to bend it, the boot wants to bend in half and that is not where your foot bends. so the sole will begin to flex and bend where your foot bends in a short amount of time. The third thing that needs to happen is the tops or shaft will drop in height and crease inward just above where the foot connects to the upper. This helps to lock the heel in. All this to say if you put on a new boot and don’t experience any heel slippage that is a sure sign the boot is too short.

Fitting Trained Sales Staff:

Boot City takes the time to train their sales staff to insure that you get a proper fit. We take pride in the fact that our staff will take the time to insure that you have a good fit and HAPPY FEET! Fitting with the correct size is a little more tricky with boots. Unlike shoes, which are consistently sized throughout the brands and most shoes are built on a similar last. Boot manufacturers all have their own last that they build their boots on. So depending on brand you could go down 1/2 to a full size from your shoe size.

I sincerely hope this Blog helps you with your boot purchase and feel free to drop by Boot City anytime to help get sized in a specific brand!

Calamity Jane


Boot City

Lubbock, Texas