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Camping Fun

Summer is all about camping fun for boys and girls. In addition, families everywhere are taking a much-needed week to spend time together enjoying the great outdoors! This blog highlights some boots that work well for your children while they are enjoying the great outdoors!

Camping Fun For Boys

Camping Fun

Roper 0901806060320

Desert Sticker collection by Roper highlighting style 0901806060320. Camping Fun shoes for boys  are comfortable like a tennis shoe and your kid will be able to match you step for step. In addition, these chukkas are great for hiking, fishing and just about any outdoor activity! Furthermore, kids love the comfort, short tops and 2 eyelet ties for adjusting the fit.

Camping fun For Girls

Camping Fun

Twisted X YDM0031

Twisted X serape fringe Driving Mocs for girls are style YDM0031 and allows your mini-me to dress just like you! Furthermore, these are the youth companion style to the Ladies’ Twisted X Serape Fringe style WDM0064. In addition, these shoes boast colorful serape accents and a dash of fringe.  Furthermore, the colorful serape instep features vibrant colors surrounded by the tan suede leather wrapping her feet in soft leather. Finally, these have a nice cushion on the inside to help her hike for miles in comfort.

Camping Fun For Boys or Girls

Camping Fun

Hooey YHY0008

HOOEY collection by Twisted X style YHY0008 features a Peanut Distressed vamp with dark Blue tops. In addition, these boots are comfortable and all the fashion right now! Finally, the dark blue tops feature bright red stitching and the HOOEY logo embroidered front-and-center.  Due to the crepe soles these will keep your child comfortable and provide traction on rocky terrain.

Camping Fun for Littles

Camping Fun

Poppet 10034

Summer Fun

Poppet 10041










Poppets collection by Jama Old West is perfect for the bundle of joy that has entered your life. The Velcro straps in the back make it easy to slip the boots on. A soft rubber outsole allows your little one to explore after taking their first steps. In addition, blue uppers style 10034 is perfect for the boys and Jama Old West style 10041 with the pink uppers would be great for your little Princess.

To sum this up do not let summer pass you by without having some summer fun! Finally, be sure to come to Boot City to find your fancy footwear! We have your style, for the young or just for the young at heart. Boot City takes pride in offering the latest and greatest in fashion and western wear.






HOOey Boots

HOOey Boots

“Twisted X is proud to offer our HOOey Footwear Collection. Hooey is a young, dynamic brand that has come on the scene bigger than Dallas. Everyone from kidos to moms to grandpas dig the HOOey logo and look. HOOey started out as a cap and T shirt brand, focusing on competitive ropers, and has turned into the deal for western and cowboy enthusiasts. Our HOOey styles are as cowboy functional as they are cool. All styles will have the trusted Twisted X Technology/Cowboy Comfort Package. So, step into a pair of these and you’ll be HOOey from head to toe. “ –Twisted X


HOOey Boots MHY0004:

HOOey Boots


First of all, Twisted X HOOey style MHY0004 bursts with color! Neon Blue tops feature the HOOey logo in Neon Orange thread, which is also framed by a western stitch pattern. Furthermore the cognac bull hide foot pairs easily with jeans or khaki dress slacks. In addition the standard western toe bug is a Neon Blue thread that really makes this boot stand out in the crowd.

HOOey Boots MHY0014:

HOOey Boots


MHY0014 is a terrific boot for a budget friendly price. Customers love that the vamp is made out of easy to care for brown rough-out leather with a smaller HOOey logo embroidered on the side. Most noteworthy the boot features the Large HOOey logo embroidered on the 12 inch red tops!

HOOey Boots MHY0016:

HOOey Boots


HOOey style MHY0016 has a crazy horse vamp that features the Roughy logo embroidered on the outside, which is pretty awesome. These boots allow you to show off your Hooey pride, even when your jeans cover the tops! In addition the 12 inch red tops feature neon yellow embroidery and the Roughy logo is front and center. These boots are great for every day, casual wear.

HOOey Boots MHY0011:

HOOey Boots


Twisted X style MHY0011 is part of their Hooey collection. The Brown vamp is very versatile. The leather outsole is also stirrup friendly, so you can hop in the saddle if the need arises. The 12 inch white tops feature the HOOey Logo in Red, White, and Blue embroidery in addition too Old Glory colored stitch pattern on the uppers.




Hooey Boots by Twisted X

“Twisted X is proud to offer our Hooey Footwear Collection. Hooey is a young, dynamic brand that has come on the scene bigger than Dallas. Everyone from kidos to moms to grandpas dig the Hooey logo and look. Hooey started out as a cap and T shirt brand, focusing on competitive ropers, and has turned into the deal for western and cowboy enthusiasts. Our Hooey styles are as cowboy functional as they are cool. All styles will have the trusted Twisted X Technology / Cowboy Comfort™ Package. So, step into a pair of these and you’ll be Hooey from head to toe. We’re making Hooey in men’s, women’s, and kid’s boots.” –Twisted X

A couple of years ago Twisted X teamed up with Hooey to create a line of boots inspired by the Hooey brand and their enthusiasts. Each boot features the Cowboy Comfort™ Package and one of the various Hooey logos. As Twisted X stated, this collection has taken the western world by storm. Cowboys, Cowgirls, and even Cowkids can’t get enough. The designs and punchy color combinations make this collection stand out.

Hooey Boots for Cowboys and Cowkids

The Hooey boots for cowboys and Cowkids offers a wide selection of boots ranging from traditional to punchy. Competitive ropers, western enthusiasts, and your average cowboy should be able to find a pair of boot that pleases their fancy.

Twisted X Hooey MHY0004

Twisted X style MHY0004 was one of the first boots that came out of production when this joint venture began. It features a Cognac Bull Hide vamp with a 12 inch Neon Blue top. As you can see, the Neon Orange piping and stitch pattern really pops against the neon blue background. The contrast creates a truly eye-catching design. This boot was a top seller when it was first introduced to the shelves at Boot City in Lubbock, TX. In fact, it was hard to keep them in stock. They kept flying out the door. Everyone loved the partnership Twisted X and Hooey created.This style is also available kid and youth sizes.

Twisted X started to broaden the collection after the successful debut of MHY0004.

Twisted X style MHY0017Twisted X Hooey MHY0017 is a recent addition to the Hooey collection. It features a Cognac vamp with a 12 inch Turquoise top. As you can see, the design elements have been toned downed. White thread was used, instead of neon orange. The Hooey logo is front and center and surrounded by a diamond stitch pattern. Even though this particular style isn’t considered as punchy as its predecessor, it still makes a statement. It isn’t over-the-top and proudly displays the logo. This style is also one of the few to feature a different colored toe bug so the design doesn’t blend in. We don’t carry this boot at our walk-in store located in Lubbock, TX, but we can order it directly from Twisted X. This style is also available in youth sizes.

Twisted X MHY011

Twisted X style MHY0011 is also a recent addition to this collection. It is quite a bit tamer than the others, but it has some fancy design elements. The Brown cowhide vamp is paired with a 12 inch White top and features an intricate design pattern. The Hooey logo is embroidered in Red, White, and Blue thread depicting the Texas state flag. It’s flanked on either side with the same color pattern. This boot is perfect for the proud Texan. We don’t carry this boot at our walk-in store located in Lubbock, TX, but we can order it directly from Twisted X. This style is also available in youth styles,



Hooey Boots for Cowgirls

Twisted X style WHY0001Twisted X WHY0001 is a punchy boot for Cowgirls who have fallen in love with the Hooey lifestyle. It features a Black vamp with Neon Pink tops. The logo is in black embroidery and flanked on each side with a black tribal design. Needless to say, the black and pink color combination really stands out. Even the vamp has a splash of color thanks to the Neon Pink toe bug. You can wear these with your favorite pair of jeans and casual t-shirt or pair them with a dress to show off the tops. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll show off your Hooey pride.This style is also available in men’s sizes, so you can be two peas in a pod.



Twisted X style WHY0005Twisted X style WHY0005 is another boot that packs a punch. It features a Brown Shoulder vamp with a Purple top. The Neon Green stitching and Hooey logo pop against the purple background. You can use an application of leather conditioner, such as Apache Cream, to keep the leather nourished. This particular style is also available in Men’s and Youth sizes, so you can get the whole family taken care of.



Lil Cowboy

Hello Boot World, I have some great boots for you today. What makes these boot so great is who these boots are for. They are for that one special Lil Cowboy that you fell in love with at first sight. That’s right, here at Boot City we have little boys boots has well. The three boots that I have for you today are actually my son’s favorite and are what he wears.

Lil Cowboy’s Olathe Cowboy Collection “Spider Man”

Lil Cowboy's Olathe SpiderMan BootsThe first boot is his absolute FAVORITE! It is style OK42 which is part of the Olathe’s Cowboy Collection. The Toast Bison foot features a Yellow toe bug with Red accents. The Red Soft Stovetop tops feature a blue spider web embroidery, blue piping, and blue collar. In other words, this boot is going to be great for your lil cowboy that is Spider Man fan. These boots look so great all dressed up. I love when my son wears his dark Cinch jeans and button downs. His favorite look is everything tucked in his boots and showing off these one of a kind tops. He runs, plays, fights crime, and saves wild horses all in these boots and never complains of his feet hurting. So if you have a lil cowboy whose hero is both daddy and Spider Man this Olathe boot is going to a great addition to his footwear collection.

Lil Cowboy’s Ariat Live Wire Collection

Lil Cowboy's Ariat Live WireThe second boot is going to be Ariat style 10017315. This boot is a part of the Live Wire collection. These boots sure are an eye catcher with the four row neon green stitch pattern on the tops. What I love about the kids Ariat’s is that they all come with the removable Ariat Boosted Bed that’s part of their Wiggle Room technology. So what that means is a child can keep their favorite boots even longer. As your child’s feet continue to grow just remove the Ariat Booster Bed from beneath the footbed to give their feet some extra wiggle room. How awesome is that! These boots are great for every day wear. I personally like them with a lighter Cinch jean and a dark button down.   They also look great dressed down so if your lil cowboy wants to wear his favorite riding jeans and old t-shirt, no worries his boots will keep him looking put together. What my son truly loves about these boots is that they look just like his Papa’s boots. So he gets to dress like his favorite cowboy from head to toe.

Lil Cowboy’s Twisted X HOOey Collection

Lil Cowboy's Twisted X HOOeyThe last boot I am going to be telling you about comes from the “Twisted X HOOey Footwear Collection.”   Style CHY001 features Neon Blue tops that have the HOOey logo in Neon Orange thread which is framed by a western stitch pattern. The Cognac vamp has the standard western toe bug is in Neon Blue thread and really pops. The Cowboy Comfort technology keeps your lil cowboys feet comfortable for all day wear. The SD footbed is moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and machine washable. The XSD Insole is a patent-pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability. The Cognac foot can be paired with jeans of any wash. I like it with a dark Cinch jean and dark button down shirt. I think when it is paired this way it makes the boots stand out more.  These Twisted X boots look great with anything you can get your lil cowboy to put on that day.

All of these boots are great for play time, church time, rodeo time, graduation time, super hero time, or any time you want your lil cowboy to look sharp but still showoff his personality!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Products by Twisted X, Durango, and Hooey.

Breast Cancer Awareness Products by Twisted X, Durango, and Hooey.

Help Whip Cancer! Promote Breast Cancer Awareness!

The American Cancer Society partnered with the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries in 1985 to establish October as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM).  The annual health campaign has evolved from just promoting mammography as the most effective weapon against breast cancer to paving the way to raising awareness and funds for research. Research explores its cause, prevention, diagnosis, and cure. It has also become a month to share stories, support, and information to those affected by breast cancer.

There are several companies in the Western industry that raise Breast Cancer awareness year round. In fact, Wrangler is a major company who launched the Tough Enough To Wear Pink (TETWP) initiative in 2005. Phil McAdams, president of Wrangler Specialty Apparel, said “Breast Cancer touches everyone. Tough Enough To Wear Pink is our way of recognizing the courageous women and men who face the disease and the family and friends who face it with them.” Within the first year, Wrangler raised $1 million dollars and the amount jumped to $12 million dollars in 2013 and up to $20 million in 2015.

Since then, multiple companies have partnered with Wrangler’s Tough Enough To Wear Pink initiative. In 2015 Twisted X introduced their TETWP Driving Moc collection to commemorate the 10 year anniversary. The ever popular Driving Moc features a barbed wire Pink Awareness ribbon embroidered on the outside, pink laces, and pink stitching. In April they launched a 30 day email and Facebook campaign to share Breast Cancer Survivor stories, highlighting the strength and courage of patients diagnosed with Breast Cancer. HOOey also dedicated a collection of caps to the Tough Enough To Wear Pink campaign that will launch this month.

Durango introduced their “Give Cancer the Boot” campaign and came out with style RD3557, the boot that benefits the Stefanie Spielman Patient Assistance Fund. They donate $2.00 for each pair of boots sold, up to $35,000 annually. Every purchase has the chance to impact a person’s life and make a situation less dreary.