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Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot, dog days of summer are just around the corner! These are my picks for that fabulous guy in your life. Comfortable shoes for the summer!

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Twisted X MDMS002

Twisted X style number MDMS002 is part of the Driving Mocs series. These casual shoes would make a great pair with any shade of jeans and your favorite T-shirt. You can wear them to any occasion and also for those casual nights you just want to kick back. You’ll have the ideal comfort for those long days. Twisted X SD™ Foot bed is a moisture absorbent, antibacterial, and machine washable cushioned foot bed. XSD Insole is a one-piece insole that comes with a composite X shank for maximum stability and comfort.

Hot 2


Twisted X MDM0033

Twisted X style MDM0033 is part of their Driving Mocs collection. Twisted X revamped the traditional MDM0003 by including a basket weave design in the instep area. In addition this particular style is tamer compared to style MDM0029. It might have something to do with the color combination. In addition the Brown Bomber and Tan Basket Weave combination is very neutral. Finally these shoes are perfect for every day wear and casual outings with friends. You can even bring them along on road trips during stock show season.


Hot 3


Twisted X MDM0048

Twisted X style MDM0048 is part of their Driving Mocs collection. In addition these shoes feature genuine Saddle and Brown Ostrich checkered instep. Consequently the color combination is stunning! Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or khaki dress slacks. Furthermore the SD cushion foot-bed provides comfort for all day, casual wear. Perfect for stock-shows and road trips. Finally these shoes are lightweight and flexible.

Hot 4


Twisted X MDM0039

Twisted X style MDM0039 is part of their Driving Moccasin collection. This particular style is dressier than its MDMS002 counterpart. The distressed Bomber leather looks great with jeans of any shade and can be paired with khaki dress slacks. In addition the rubber outsole is light weight, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. Furthermore, the removable SD cushion insole is moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and machine washable to provide your feet with odor-free comfort.



These Twisted X Shoes Drive Men Crazy

These Twisted X shoes for Fabulous Comfort!

A few years back, Twisted X introduced these shoes called Driving Moc. Our customers didn’t know what to think! (Neither did we for that matter.) The shoes looked different (to put it nicely). They feature a moccasin toe with a raised seam, two eyelets, and ordinary laces. In other words, the Driving Moc was unlike any shoe we have ever carried.

Our impressions changed once a brave soul slipped these on their feet. You know that one saying where they say don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, this was a prime example. The looks might have been a little far out, but the comfort provided by the removable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, machine-washable, SD cushion footbed was out of this world.  The comfort combined with the light-weight sole made these shoes soar to the top of the Most Wanted list.

Now that people have become accustomed to the looks, Twisted X has decided to bump things up a notch by adding a touch of neon. It is time to introduce you to the Neon Lite:

Twisted X Men's Driving Moc MDM0003 $99.99

Twisted X Men’s Driving Moc MDM0003 $99.99 The shoe that changed everything. The predecessor.

Twisted X Men's Driving Moc MDM0019 $99.99--Neon Orange-tactular

Twisted X Men’s Driving Moc MDM0019 $99.99–Neon Orange-tactular
The “bright” bundle of joy added to the Driving Moc collection.



















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