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Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day: June 19th, 2016

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19th. Right around the corner. It’s not too late to take advantage of our on-line Father’s Day special. All you have to do is use the coupon code Father at checkout and you can save 10%. This special will run until 11:59 PM Sunday, June 19th.

Full Quill Ostrich for Dad

Does the father figure in your life have their eyes set on a pair of Full Quill Ostrich boots? Don’t hesitate. You can save a chunk of money by taking advantage of our Father’s Day special. Three styles of Tony Lama Full Quill Ostrich boots (CT878, CT833, CT834) have been marked down from $529.99 to $379.99. That’s $150.00 off. But wait, there’s more! You can save an additional $38.00 by taking advantage of the Father’s Day coupon code. You can potentially get him a pair of full quill ostrich boots for $341.99 plus sales tax (if applicable) and shipping.

Dad’s Gone Fishin’

Maybe your dad loves to fish. We have some boots just for them! The Anderson Bean Big Bass collection brings their love of fishing to their wardrobe. The Amazon Bass boots start at $569.99 and you can save $57.00 if you use the coupon code Father at checkout. Just be sure to call our toll free number 1-888-543-2668 to check stock availability Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST before you order. Styles 0103A, 5654L, and 3002L are specially made for our store located in Lubbock, TX and any size not in stock could face a 120 business day back-order if the skins are still available.

All Work and No Play

We even have boots for the dads who hardly take a day off to relax. Justin style WK4905 is a plain work-boot at an amazing price: $109.99. You can save $11.00 if you take advantage of the Father’s day coupon before 11:59 PM Sunday, June 19th. Twisted X style MLCS003 is a popular Steel Toe work-boot with a square toe. These boots are originally $169.99 and you can save $17.00 if you use the coupon code during checkout. Ariat style 10016340 is a Soft Toe work-boot featuring waterproof lining and camouflage tops. Perfect for the dads who love camo and need to keep their feet dry. You can save $20.00 at checkout by using the coupon code.

Don’t Hesitate this Father’s Day

This special won’t last long. So don’t delay and show the dad’s in your life how special they are.

Teju Lizard Skin Boots 101

Teju Lizard Skin Boots 101

The Teju lizard skin is considered the most desirable of the lizard skins. These have a more pronounced pattern and once you know what it is they are instantly recognizable because of their distinctively different pattern.

Teju Lizard Skin # 1

The Dan Post Teju Lizard is a very popular dress boot and boy is it exquisite! The most discriminating man would find this boot appealing. Dan Post offers two toes in the black, the J (most pointed) and R (western dress or medium round toe).  The J toe is limited to the sizes listed on line because it will be discontinued when current inventory is sold. The R toe which is what I call the western dress toe. The R toe is the timeless western toe others come and go but this toe is always a show stopper. The J-toe is style DP2350J and the R Toe is DP2350R. This skin is so distinctive and striking and the shine is what makes this boot look so impressive for dress wear. Beautiful I tell you!



Teju Lizard Skin # 2

The second lizard skin color is called Peanut Brittle and they are also by Dan Post. The J toe is DP2351J and the R toe is DP2351R. These boots are breathtaking in this color because the natural cracks of the lizard traps the stain and naturally get darker to give this boot depth and a dimensional shine. These are wonderful to wear with a brown suit or with your favorite blue jeans.  Please bear in mind other colors and brands are available in this lizard skin I just chose to highlight the Dan Post because many sizes are readily available.











Let’s talk about up-keep. This skin requires a little more maintenance than some but in my humble opinion the way the skin looks is worth the time and trouble. For lots of future wear always wipe these off after wear so you don’t allow dirt or grit to settle in the cracks of the skin of the boots…That would be very abrasive to the leather  if left over time.  Then the second step would be to moisturize the leather with leather balm. Leather Balm is my favorite because of the ease of use.  Shake the bottle well, rub on with a soft cloth and let dry to a haze. When the boot feels dry to the touch please buff with another soft cloth until you reach the desired shine.

Hooey Boots by Twisted X

“Twisted X is proud to offer our Hooey Footwear Collection. Hooey is a young, dynamic brand that has come on the scene bigger than Dallas. Everyone from kidos to moms to grandpas dig the Hooey logo and look. Hooey started out as a cap and T shirt brand, focusing on competitive ropers, and has turned into the deal for western and cowboy enthusiasts. Our Hooey styles are as cowboy functional as they are cool. All styles will have the trusted Twisted X Technology / Cowboy Comfort™ Package. So, step into a pair of these and you’ll be Hooey from head to toe. We’re making Hooey in men’s, women’s, and kid’s boots.” –Twisted X

A couple of years ago Twisted X teamed up with Hooey to create a line of boots inspired by the Hooey brand and their enthusiasts. Each boot features the Cowboy Comfort™ Package and one of the various Hooey logos. As Twisted X stated, this collection has taken the western world by storm. Cowboys, Cowgirls, and even Cowkids can’t get enough. The designs and punchy color combinations make this collection stand out.

Hooey Boots for Cowboys and Cowkids

The Hooey boots for cowboys and Cowkids offers a wide selection of boots ranging from traditional to punchy. Competitive ropers, western enthusiasts, and your average cowboy should be able to find a pair of boot that pleases their fancy.

Twisted X Hooey MHY0004

Twisted X style MHY0004 was one of the first boots that came out of production when this joint venture began. It features a Cognac Bull Hide vamp with a 12 inch Neon Blue top. As you can see, the Neon Orange piping and stitch pattern really pops against the neon blue background. The contrast creates a truly eye-catching design. This boot was a top seller when it was first introduced to the shelves at Boot City in Lubbock, TX. In fact, it was hard to keep them in stock. They kept flying out the door. Everyone loved the partnership Twisted X and Hooey created.This style is also available kid and youth sizes.

Twisted X started to broaden the collection after the successful debut of MHY0004.

Twisted X style MHY0017Twisted X Hooey MHY0017 is a recent addition to the Hooey collection. It features a Cognac vamp with a 12 inch Turquoise top. As you can see, the design elements have been toned downed. White thread was used, instead of neon orange. The Hooey logo is front and center and surrounded by a diamond stitch pattern. Even though this particular style isn’t considered as punchy as its predecessor, it still makes a statement. It isn’t over-the-top and proudly displays the logo. This style is also one of the few to feature a different colored toe bug so the design doesn’t blend in. We don’t carry this boot at our walk-in store located in Lubbock, TX, but we can order it directly from Twisted X. This style is also available in youth sizes.

Twisted X MHY011

Twisted X style MHY0011 is also a recent addition to this collection. It is quite a bit tamer than the others, but it has some fancy design elements. The Brown cowhide vamp is paired with a 12 inch White top and features an intricate design pattern. The Hooey logo is embroidered in Red, White, and Blue thread depicting the Texas state flag. It’s flanked on either side with the same color pattern. This boot is perfect for the proud Texan. We don’t carry this boot at our walk-in store located in Lubbock, TX, but we can order it directly from Twisted X. This style is also available in youth styles,



Hooey Boots for Cowgirls

Twisted X style WHY0001Twisted X WHY0001 is a punchy boot for Cowgirls who have fallen in love with the Hooey lifestyle. It features a Black vamp with Neon Pink tops. The logo is in black embroidery and flanked on each side with a black tribal design. Needless to say, the black and pink color combination really stands out. Even the vamp has a splash of color thanks to the Neon Pink toe bug. You can wear these with your favorite pair of jeans and casual t-shirt or pair them with a dress to show off the tops. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll show off your Hooey pride.This style is also available in men’s sizes, so you can be two peas in a pod.



Twisted X style WHY0005Twisted X style WHY0005 is another boot that packs a punch. It features a Brown Shoulder vamp with a Purple top. The Neon Green stitching and Hooey logo pop against the purple background. You can use an application of leather conditioner, such as Apache Cream, to keep the leather nourished. This particular style is also available in Men’s and Youth sizes, so you can get the whole family taken care of.