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32 Fridays

Hold on to your hat there are only 32 Fridays until Christmas! Yikes! Boot City has something special for all the special Cowboys and Cowgirls in your life!

1 Fridays Out of 32


Anderson Bean 3002L

Specially made for our store Anderson Bean style 3002L. The Bass Big Brown comes from the Arapima fish commonly found in the Amazon. With wear, the scales change and become more defined, but that is natural. In fact, the skin is durable. Customers have said that the boots feel like a glove immediately after trying them on. Those who have purchased the boots said that they stretch a little bit after wearing them, but not as much as a belly ostrich. The Mad Dog Ivory Top and Bass Big Brown foot leather is a great color combination.

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Dan Post DP3641

The stunning DP3641 is a gorgeous natural python vamp boot with a snip toe. Dan Post named these the Charmer, for snake charmer but I think they are an all-around Charming Boot.  In addition, the 12 inch tops are tan soft leather. I just LOVE the contrast between the upper and the delicate beauty of the scaled python vamp. Finally, these are perfect for dress wear with their showstopper good looks.

3 Fridays Out of 32


Olathe OK42

Olathe Cowboy Collection style OK42 is part of their kids’ collection. The Toast Bison foot features a Yellow toe bug with Red accents. In addition, the red soft stove top tops feature a blue spider web embroidery, blue piping, and blue collar. In other words, these boots are perfect for Spider Man fans! A tall cowboy heel is a great introduction to the cowboy lifestyle. Finally, a leather outsole makes them stirrup friendly, so you can breathe a little easier while your child conquers the west. Your little one will look spectacular when he wears these boots.







Lil Cowboy

Hello Boot World, I have some great boots for you today. What makes these boot so great is who these boots are for. They are for that one special Lil Cowboy that you fell in love with at first sight. That’s right, here at Boot City we have little boys boots has well. The three boots that I have for you today are actually my son’s favorite and are what he wears.

Lil Cowboy’s Olathe Cowboy Collection “Spider Man”

Lil Cowboy's Olathe SpiderMan BootsThe first boot is his absolute FAVORITE! It is style OK42 which is part of the Olathe’s Cowboy Collection. The Toast Bison foot features a Yellow toe bug with Red accents. The Red Soft Stovetop tops feature a blue spider web embroidery, blue piping, and blue collar. In other words, this boot is going to be great for your lil cowboy that is Spider Man fan. These boots look so great all dressed up. I love when my son wears his dark Cinch jeans and button downs. His favorite look is everything tucked in his boots and showing off these one of a kind tops. He runs, plays, fights crime, and saves wild horses all in these boots and never complains of his feet hurting. So if you have a lil cowboy whose hero is both daddy and Spider Man this Olathe boot is going to a great addition to his footwear collection.

Lil Cowboy’s Ariat Live Wire Collection

Lil Cowboy's Ariat Live WireThe second boot is going to be Ariat style 10017315. This boot is a part of the Live Wire collection. These boots sure are an eye catcher with the four row neon green stitch pattern on the tops. What I love about the kids Ariat’s is that they all come with the removable Ariat Boosted Bed that’s part of their Wiggle Room technology. So what that means is a child can keep their favorite boots even longer. As your child’s feet continue to grow just remove the Ariat Booster Bed from beneath the footbed to give their feet some extra wiggle room. How awesome is that! These boots are great for every day wear. I personally like them with a lighter Cinch jean and a dark button down.   They also look great dressed down so if your lil cowboy wants to wear his favorite riding jeans and old t-shirt, no worries his boots will keep him looking put together. What my son truly loves about these boots is that they look just like his Papa’s boots. So he gets to dress like his favorite cowboy from head to toe.

Lil Cowboy’s Twisted X HOOey Collection

Lil Cowboy's Twisted X HOOeyThe last boot I am going to be telling you about comes from the “Twisted X HOOey Footwear Collection.”   Style CHY001 features Neon Blue tops that have the HOOey logo in Neon Orange thread which is framed by a western stitch pattern. The Cognac vamp has the standard western toe bug is in Neon Blue thread and really pops. The Cowboy Comfort technology keeps your lil cowboys feet comfortable for all day wear. The SD footbed is moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and machine washable. The XSD Insole is a patent-pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability. The Cognac foot can be paired with jeans of any wash. I like it with a dark Cinch jean and dark button down shirt. I think when it is paired this way it makes the boots stand out more.  These Twisted X boots look great with anything you can get your lil cowboy to put on that day.

All of these boots are great for play time, church time, rodeo time, graduation time, super hero time, or any time you want your lil cowboy to look sharp but still showoff his personality!