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“Price Is Right”

Price Point boots under 150.00 dollars! Howdy Ladies! Lubbock just had a Gala and I feel like I need to write a blog on some of the Fabulous Finds Boot City has on Price Point boots. This blog is going to highlight some BEAUTIFUL boots that are bargain priced under 150.00 dollars.

52145 Price 109.99 L5042G Price 119.99

Price under $ 150.00 52145 and L5042G

52142 Price 109.99 Cullison Laredo

This boot falls into the Under 150.00 category with a selling price of 109.99 and it wraps a ton of fashion into a pair of boots that can be worn with Black or Brown! The Cullison has gorgeous details that include wing tips and whip stitching. The 52142 doesn’t stop there it has the Laredo Flex cushion system on the inside. The distressed leather has a vintage feel and they are packed with all the charm of boots that were made in a long gone era.

L5042G Price 119.99 Brown with Cross Embroidery Corral

Circle G Boot is a Price Point division of Corral Boots. The L5042G packs a punch with embroidery accents! The crosses adorn the outside edges of this boot. The regular price of this boot is 129.99 and we have it on sale right now for 10.00 dollars off, Woot Woot! This Circle G is a super value because it has a leather vamp, shaft and sole. The beautiful light brown color is very neutral and the light beige embroidery is an elegant detail. For Dress or Casual wear this boot will take you there!

L5104 Price 129.99 Honey with Turquoise Cross accents Corral

L5104 Price 129.99

L5104 129.99

The cross and wings embroidery has been so popular across the board and this little boot by Circle G has it all going on! The L5104 has 12” tops that are perfect with your favorite dress and I personally LOVE the snip toe on a dress boot! Let’s talk turquoise for just a minute; this color has transcended the western world to fashionistas everywhere! So easy to find clothes that have included this color and wow what a look when you pull it all together with these boots at 129.99 they’re a steal!

51047 Price 139.99 Cassie Laredo

Price 139.99 51047

51047 139.99

This boot 51047 is a color that is right on point and 139.99 is a bargin! Taupe is the new Brown and this boot has something for everyone! I love the gold stud accents that adorn this boot and the soft crackled taupe leather is amazingly neutral. We have sold these for Wedding Boots, Formals and any special occasion actually. If the dress is long or short this boot will stand out in a crowd, be prepared for that question “where did you find those Boots” www.bootcity.com of course!

Calamity Jane @ Boot City

Justin Bent Rail Champ of Chess

Justin Bent Rail Made in The USA

Justin Bent Rail boots are a staple in the western industry. They are perfect for the cowboys (and cowgirls) who want to stretch their dollar without sacrificing quality. All of the Bent Rail boots are handcrafted in the USA, which is an added benefit.

Last month Justin Bent Rail introduced their Champion of Chess, style BR411. In all honesty, Justin Bent Rail dubbed these the Briar Checkmate Cowhide. They paid tribute to the checkered game board by scoring the design into the Briar Cowhide foot. Doing so provides a difference in texture that stands out from its smooth textured predecessors. The 13 Inch Blue Denim Cowhide tops feature a retro honey-combed stitch pattern. This combined with the checkered foot makes these boots a show stopper. The J-Flex Flexible Comfort System by Justin make the sole flexible and comfortable for all day wear. True to its name, it is a Checkmate.


The leather outsole is dance floor and stirrup friendly. So you can dance the night away or ride off into the sunset.


Justin Bent Rail BR411 is proudly hand-crafted in the USA. Your purchase helps support hard-working Americans.











Bent Rail by Justin

This is a close-up of the scored checkerboard design. You can see the difference in texture. These are truly one-of-a-kind.

Justin Bent Rail

As you can see, the whole foot features the scored checkerboard design. The design is consistent throughout.










These boots are available to purchase on-line at www.bootcity.com and in store at 6645 W. 19th St in Lubbock, TX. The pictures don’t do the boot justice!


Boot Breakdown: Parts of the Boot

While almost everyone owns a great pair of boots, not many people actually know about the different components of their favorite footwear. Boots are more than just a heel and toe – they are comprised of
many different parts that combine to make each boot unique.Bent Rail Cowboy Boot With a greater understanding of what goes into making a boot, you can be a more informed shopper and make sure that every boot purchase is a good one. Here are some of the things that go into every great pair of boots:

Boot Breakdown:

Parts of the Boot

    • Toe Box: On the upper inside of every boot is the toe box, which is responsible for protecting your feet. Toe boxes vary widely in shape in size, and are largely responsible for how the ends of your boots will look. Whether your toe is rounded, squared or pointed is largely determined by the toe box, as well as whether your boots are steel-toe or not.


    • Vamp: As you start to move away from the toe box you’ll reach the shoe’s vamp. This part of the boot is often called the “upper” and is what covers the top of your foot. Since it’s the part of the boot that is most visible, the vamp is a very important part of the upper boot, and should be designed to give the wearer an even crease as the boots are broken in.


    • Spur Ridges: Surrounding the heel area are the spur ridges, which have largely become obsolete. As the name suggests, the spur ridge is the place on each boot where a cowboy would secure his spurs. These parts of the boot obviously don’t get as much use as they would have in the Wild West, but they are still a cool reminder of an earlier time.


    • Insoles: The insoles of each boot are going to determine just how comfortable your boots really are. Your feet rest on top of the insoles, so a quality insole that provides both comfort and durability should be one of your biggest concerns when buying a boot. The outside of your boot might get beat up and scuffed over the years, but a strong insole will allow you to wear those boots for a lifetime.


    • Shaft: Although it will probably be concealed by your jeans, the shaft will be the most decorated part of your boot. The shaft extends up the wearer’s leg, surrounding the calf muscles and shins. Shaft designs vary widely in both color and stitching, giving the boot wearer a great opportunity to personalize their unique pair of boots.


    • Pull Tabs: Without pull tabs, you wouldn’t even be able to get your favorite pair of boots on! The pull tabs are the strips of material that are sewn into the top of the shaft and allow you to pull your boots securely into place. Like the shaft, the pull tabs can bear intricate decoration and allow for an added element of customization.


The Best Quality Boots

Regardless of how a boot is colored or stitched, it will always be comprised of these several components. Learning the language of boot-making can help you be a more educated shopper and will help you ensure that every part of your boot is of great quality. Boot City only fills its inventory with boots from trusted manufacturers who value every part of the boot, and have been producing excellent footwear for decades. Explore our site and see why Boot City has the most walked about boots around!