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Three C’s of Custom Service

Boot City takes pride in being able to help our customers find that custom fit just for them within an array of boot brands. We also strive to let you know how to custom care for your boots. We try to provide consistent service and listen to feedback on how to enhance your shopping experience.

Custom Boot Fitting


Custom Fit

The staff at Boot City knows all the basics of boot fitting and how the boot should fit. In addition, they discover how each brand fits and what works best for people.  People who have a high arch or people with flat feet need a different fit in a boot. Many brands run wide as well as some brands run narrow and our staff can lead you to the perfect brand for your feet. Finally, we take pride in the consistency in the way our staff works to find the perfect boot not to mention the perfect fit for each customer. We strive to provide a pleasant, positive boot shopping experience for all of our customers.

Custom Hat Shaping


Custom Hat Shaping

Hat shaping is becoming a lost art! Most stores expect you to find something that will work for you in their pre-shaped inventory. Boot City has a state of the art hat steamer, long gone are the days of the teakettle on the stove.  Custom shaping is something we have been doing since the 70’s.  Furthermore, we carry a wide selection of felt and straw hats. The brims on our felt hats are about 4 inches but we have the tools to cut them down to as short as you want them. The palm leaf hats require becoming wet in order to shape them and we have several people on staff that are very adept at this.

Customer Service


Polish And Knowledge

Boot City has the best customer service around and it does not stop with the sale. First, Boot City trains our sales staff to help you know how to care for your boots. Routine maintenance keeps  your purchase in like new condition.  We train to communicate with the customer. Communication is key so we know what his expectations are for the boot he is about to purchase. Our sales staff can and will help you find the perfect boot to add to your wardrobe. In addition, they can tell you which leathers are easy to break in and which leathers wear better. Finally, the sales staff at Boot City knows that if you are happy with your purchase you will look them up when new boot time rolls around again.



Freight @ the BC is Bustin with Belts!

Freight has arrived at Boot City and this is a behind the scenes look at what our trained staff does at Boot City besides help our valued customers when they shop in our walk in store! We train our salespeople on leathers, proper fit, comfort packages and more.


We received a huge shipment of brand new belts today. The Boot City crew is working hard to get them out on the sales floor. We don’t want you to miss a thing and we have all the latest and greatest stock from some of the top manufacturers of the world. If you like bling then these are the belts for you, just look at the crystals on these! Lots of flash and dash and let me tell you Guys and Girls alike are buying these belts! For all you Texas Tech fans just in time for football season with received some beautiful red and black belts and wouldn’t you look amazing starting out the Football season wearing one of these? We have a selection of hand tooled belts as well as the bling. There are many Ranger belts to choose from in a plain or concho style.  We also carry the traditional brown or black 1 1/2 inch strap belt. We have such a great selection of belts to choose from and and every price point imaginable! Just a little FYI (For Your Information) always add two inches to your jean size for that perfect belt fit. A correct fit is established when you are in the center hole that gives you to holes to gain or lose.

Boot City New Freight

So come in to Boot City in Lubbock, Texas or visit us on the web www.bootcity.com to see all of our belts at a great value price!