Time for Turquoise

Hello boot world, how is everyone doing today?  Myself I am blessed.  So today I want to talk to you about what else boots.  With spring upon us and summer just around the corner it’s time for Turquoise.  That’s right time to break out your favorite turquoise boots and show them off.

Turquoise Pick #1

Turquoise Dan Post DP3539The first boot I want to tell you about is going to be a Dan Post and it is priced at 214.99.  Style DP3531 is called the Kiki! The Vintage sanded turquoise leather vamp and 12 inch upper is so supple and the nail head accents give this boot a look that is right on trend.  Now this boot is most defiantly a show stopper, so show it off.  I would so wear these boots with every pair of shorts I own.  I thing they would like really pretty with a white spring dress.  Now honestly I think they would like great for a bride to wear that is going to have a country theme.  It would so give her color and sass that’s for sure.  This boot is just plan stunning no other way to describe it.

Turquoise Pick #2

Turquoise Dan Post DP3944The second boot I am going to tell you about is going to be another Dan Post and is priced at 212.99.  Style DP3944 is an 11” soft turquoise leather uppers give this boot plenty of shelf appeal! The broad square toe is super comfortable and these are Cowboy Certified with a combination leather rubber outsole. Add the Soft Strike Removable Orthotic and you have a super comfortable boot for walking the range or riding in the saddle!  I just love the color combination of Chocolate and Turquoise.  I think the chocolate vamp pops and is what makes this boot stand out.  This is a great boot that you can do anything in.  With this Dan Post being Cowboy Certified you can most defiantly get your rounds on the farm done in them and they not hurt your feet.  Then with it being such a good looking boot you can still take it out on the town.  So have fun and pair them up with shorts, skinnies, tights, or even a dress.  Either way this is truly one boot that can go from work to play and look good while you do both.

Turquoise Pick#3

Turquooise Laredo 52032The last boot I am going to tell you about is going to be a Laredo priced at 139.99.  These Laredo Cross Point Boots are truly a stunning looking boot. Laredo style 52032 has tan leather that is so soft and burnished to really show off the details of this boot. The cross inlays and wing tip are a vintage turquoise color and the nail-head studs help to show off the crosses in the inlays. What I love about this particular boot is the way the turquoise is real subtle and how if flows through the boot.  My favorite detail about this boot is the turquoise cross inlays.  So make sure you pull out your favorite cut off shorts or skirts because the 13 inch tops are just the right weight.  I know my boots like these I just love showing them off and you will to guarantee it.

Well boot world don’t forget it is time for turquoise so come check out all our great looks.  I am sure you will find the right boot with just enough color and sass for that summer concert, summer wedding, and even graduation pictures.