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Leegin Justin Men's Belt Black Hand Tooled Odessa Star

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Leegin Justin Men s Belt Black Hand Tooled Odessa Star

Leegin named this belt the Odessa Star and it has true Texas style! The Conchos are an antique style and the star conchos bring back memories of the Sherriff’s star of the old west. I love the inlaid design and the unique shape of the conchos that Frame the stars. 1 1/2 inches of true Texas Style, buy yours today!

  • Style: C10763
  • Always order at least 2” Larger Than Waist Size
  • Black Billets with Black Hand Tooled Basket Weave Pattern
  • Bright Silver/Tone Engraved Harness Buckle Removable
  • Black All Leather and 1 1/2” Wide

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