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Boot City Helps Charities

Need help with your charityBoot City has teamed with a web design company to help charities related increase their digital foot print.. If your charity works to improve the community or if your non-profit saves, rescues, feeds or otherwise helps horses in distress then we would like to have our partner build you a new website and help you market your good deeds.

Charities that have user friendly/mobile friendly website are more successful at raising awareness and money to help their cause.

Our intent is to try to help 5-7 Charities build new updated websites in 2016. 

How can your charity get a free website?

If you would like a  free  website  for  your  charity,  please email

If you send us an email someone will get back to you with 1-2 business days. If you don't here from us, please call the toll free number and let us know.

Remember to share this with your friends, you never know who will benefit from this opportunity.