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Twisted X Ladies’ Ruff Stock Cowboy Boots Chocolate with Turquoise Tops

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“Like Twisted X Buckaroos, Ruff Stocks are designed for working and rodeo cowboys. The heels are either under slung or block with long bases to ensure stability. The heel rands are extended to fit a heavier banded rough stock spur. If you ride oxbows, you’ll find that the extended welt and midsole provide more comfort than a typical 3/4 welt boots. The top leathers are soft if you need to wrap the shafts (rough stock cowboys). The heels are nailed on so that the whole outsole isn’t torn off during a mishap. We think this is the best and only boot designed that incorporates what the true rough stock cowboy requires. These are also offered in women’s if y’all decide to twist off.”—Twisted X

Twisted X style WRS0021 is part of their Ruff Stock collection. The Chocolate vamp is absolutely gorgeous and can be paired with your favorite pair of Miss Me jeans. An application of leather conditioner, such as Apache Cream, will keep the leather nourished and blend minor scuff marks away. The 13 inch Turquoise tops features an elegant scrolling stitch pattern. When you are not working out at the ranch, you can pair them with skinny jeans or shorts to show off the tops. The 50K Outsole is made out of genuine rubber that is durable and extends the life of the boot. Don’t worry. The boots are still stirrup friendly, despite the rubber outsole.

  • Foot: Chocolate
  • Tops: 13 Inch Turquoise Tops
  • Toe: Square Toe
  • Heel: Block Heel
  • Insole: SD Cushion Outsole
  • Outsole: 50K Rubber Outsole
Foot Color
Brown Boots
Upper Color
Turquoise Upper

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