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Dan Post Ladies Cowboy Boots Touche

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Dan Post DP3213 Ladies Cowboy Boots Touche Brown Vintage Leather With Turquoise Inlay

The stunning DP3213 is such a beautiful color combination in Brown and Turquoise. The inlays make me think of flames in a fire. These colors look great together and give the boot depth and beauty. These have a very vintage vibe with a hint of rock and roll because of the inlays. These colors have been melded together with a black stain that has been applied to the finished product and rubbed away to reveal the original colors of the boot.

  • Foot: Brown Vintage
  • Top: 13 Inch Turquoise Inlay
  • Toe: Round Snip Toe
  • Heel: Medium Cowboy Heel
  • Insole: Ultimate Flex Insole
  • Outsole: Leather



Foot Color
Brown Boots
Upper Color
Brown Upper

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