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Ferrini Ladies Boots Black Anteater Print with Pink Top

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Ferrini Ladies Boots Black Anteater Print with Pink Top

You can never go wrong when you combine the colors pink and black. Even though these are an anteater print, they can easily pass for the real McCoy. Besides no one has to know that they are a print, unless you want to broadcast it to the world. Pair them with your favorite jeans or wear them with skirts and dresses. The choice is ultimately yours. The leather outsole is a perfect companion to a dance floor, so you can boogie-woogie the night away like it is 1955. 

  • Foot: Black Anteater Print
  • Top: 12 Inch Pink Tops
  • Toe: Square Toe
  • Heel: Walking Heel
  • Insole: Regular Insole
  • Outsole: Leather Outsole
Foot Color
Black Boots
Upper Color
Pink Upper

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