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Laredo Ladies Boots Distressed Tan with Purple Tops

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Laredo Ladies Boots Distressed Tan with Purple Tops

Laredo style 5624 might look like a plain Jane, but it truly has a lot of spunk. The distressed tan leather is perfect for everyday wear and is easily maintained with an application of leather conditioner, such as Apache Cream. Why? Well leather conditioners put nutrients back into the leather and help blend scuff marks away. The 11 inch purple tops will look darling when you wear the boots with a skirt or dress. So what are you waiting for? These boots are perfect for any occasion, whether it is work or play!

  • Foot: Distressed Tan Leather    
  • Top: 11 Inch Purple Top    
  • Toe: Square Toe   Heel: Walking Heel  
  • Insole: Regular Insole  
  • Outsole: Composition Man Made Leather 
Foot Color
Tan Boots
Upper Color
Purple Upper

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