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Horse Power Men’s Coca Vintage HP1815

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Horse Power style HP1815 combines a Coca Vintage vamp with a 13-inch Turquoise Dive top. These boots are stunning in person. You can use Apache Cream to keep the Coca Vintage alligator print vamp nourished and blend minor scuffmarks away. You’ll love wearing them with jeans of any shade and khaki dress slacks, when you need a more official look. The Oxbow rubber outsoles look like a real leather outsole, wear well, and are flexible. They are easy to get into stirrups and won’t get hung up—the best of both worlds for a horseman. These boots can easily become your go-to boots for special events.

  • Foot: Coca Vintage Alligator Print
  • Top: 13-Inch Turquoise Dive
  • Toe: Square
  • Heel: Block
  • Insole: Cushion
  • Outsole: Oxbow Rubber
Foot Color
Brown Boots
Upper Color
Turquoise Upper

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