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Justin Men's Cowhide Stampede Cowboy Boots in Black Deercow

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Justin Men s Cowhide Stampede Cowboy Boots in Black Deercow

Justin Men's Stampede Collection Boot in Black Deercow could just be the very boot you are looking for. This is a great boot for a night out on the town or for a casual day. In this boot you will find a J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® Insole with Removable Orthotic Insert that will give you all day comfort. It has beautiful Teak with Black Insets that will make you look your best and a Technical Western Rubber Outsole for long wear.

  • Foot: Black Deercow
  • Top: 13” Black Deercow
  • Toe: Medium Round (J12)
  • Heel: H Unit
  • Insole: J-Flex Flexible Comfort System®
  • Outsole: Technical Western Rubber
Foot Color
Black Boots
Upper Color
Black Upper

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