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Tony Lama Men’s Sealy Honey TL3002

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  • Tony Lama Men’s Sealy Honey TL3002

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Tony Lama Men’s Sealy Honey style TL3002 combines a Honey Cabra Foot with a 13-inch Louisiana Sky Blue top. These boots are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions, like weddings or family reunions. They look great with jeans of any shade and khaki dress slacks. Use an application of Apache Cream to blend minor scuffmarks away and condition the leather. You can also use brow shoe polish to mask the stubborn scuffmarks. Your local mom-and-pop boot repair shop can repair or replace the leather outsole, extending the life of the boot. The Cushion Comfort Package provides comfort and stability for all-day wear.

  • Foot: Honey Cabra Foot
  • Top: 13-Inch Louisiana Sky Blue
  • Toe: Square
  • Heel: Block
  • Insole: Cushion Comfort Package
  • Outsole: Leather
Foot Color
Brown Boots
Upper Color
Blue Upper

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