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Ariat Men's Cobalt XR Perfomance Round Toe Insole

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Ariat Men s Cobalt XR Perfomance Round Toe Insole

Ariat went above and beyond to provide you with superior comfort for your feet. The Cobalt XR innersole is part of their Performance comfort system. The XR stands for Extended Range Sequential Technology. This performance technology is incorporated into the insole and provides dynamic cushioning, stability, and support to relieve foot fatigue.  Ariat noticed that a lot of people tend to wear the innersoles out before the rest of the boot, so they provided a way for people to replace the old, worn-out innersoles with a brand new one. In other words, Ariat took the guesswork out of the picture when it comes to innersoles. If you are not equipped with Ariat boots, have no fear. You can still slip these innersoles into the boots you already have on hand. Your feet might even thank you for the change! Recommendations: If you are replacing an insole in an Ariat boot, we recommend the same size as the boot. If you are slipping the insole into a pair of boots made by a different brand, we recommend purchasing a half-size smaller (ex: Size 9 insole for size 9.5 boot).

  • Round ToeMoisture Wicking Footbed to keep feet cool and dry
  • Low-Friction to regulate temperature
  • Reinforced Arch Support
  • Gel-Cushioned Footbed for shock absorption, support, and comfort

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