Girls Can “Rough-It” Too!

DakotaCamping is fun .   It is fun because I chopped all of the wood we used and one came up and hit me in the cheek.  It felt like a tooth getting yanked even when  it was not even loose . My dad wanted a different camping spot but I said ” NO!” and then we went to mine .


chopping wood1And we also had to bild a fire pit and Jeremi made a seat fore me and my brother to sit on.  We had to find rely big rocks to make the fire pit .  They about smashed my fingers.  At night I would get a stick and lite it on fire and it would smoke ALOT!.


fire DakotaAlmost every morning my mom and dad  would take turns hunting. I was bord and when I was bord I would take turns chopping wood.  The only thing we cooked on the fire was Hot Dog’s.  We didn’t bring Marshmellow’s and I said “NOOOOOOOO!” and I was so mad I wanted to PUNCH something!

When we where leaving to go home we saw a small looking buck in the trees. He was a 3 by 3 and it was my mom’s first buck with a bow. She had a lung shot  I new because my dad told me “If there is bubels in the blood it is a lung shot.”  My dad taught my brother and me to track the deer by following the blood.



After all of that we had a pinic in a park that was BUTEFUL!    We were finally heading home .    CAMPER’S OUT!!