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Turning 8 is Great!

Being 8 is great!  When you are 8 you have alot of responsibilities.  And people trust you to do the rite thing. Why is it so special to be eight? Because you get Baptized! Why is getting baptized so special?  Because you are member of the chuch . So I am greatfull . Because Heavenly Father created me and even you. So if you need help or comfort he will be there for you.

On my birthday week our volleyball girls  were playing in Casper in the championship tournament . And in a surprising way me and my mom were going  to watch. I was excited. Then we stayed at a hotel. At the hotel  there was an indoor pool and hot tub. We only went in the hot tub because the water in the pool was freezing but once in a while I would  stick my foot in the water but when we had to go I started splashing my feet in it. I have a crazy imagination so I imagined there was a shark in the pool. At first it creeped me out then we left and I felt a little bit better.

hot tub 1

hot tub

My mom said to take a quick shower so I did and  then she said get dressed quick too so we do not miss any thing at the tournament. We went shopping for my birthday and I bought a new art kit because I love to make things.  We made it to the game and we did not miss any thing. And we won 1st place. I was proud of the girl’s because they tried their best.  I even drew a picture of a trophy for the team and my mom said I was not even watching the game.  I was!  I was also missing my dad so I made a picture for him to!

Birthday Art Set


drawing 1

My mom took me to dinner with some friends from our town and they sang happy birthday to me and brought me an angel food cake covered with cherry sauce and whipped cream.Birthday Cake

It was sooooo good.  We drove back home that nite because I wanted to be with my dad and my brother on Sunday my birthday.

For my birthday I got a mood ring from my mom, a blue watch from  my brother, new spurs from my daddy, lego friends from my aunt and uncle, a sewing machine from my  She-Sha and  a cuddle up it from my other grandma! My dad even made me a deer skull and painted it pink so it would match my room.  I love it! skull present

My mom also made me an angel food cake birthday cake with raspberries and whipped cream because I loved the one I got in Casper so much.  I just ate a plain piece of cake because I don’t like raspberries!


cake 1

I really like being 8.  It is the best thing in the world.  So if you are 7, I bet you can’t wait to turn eight!

The Spirit of Christmas

I love Christmas!  Do you? What do you like best about Christmas? The presents, Santa, cookies and milk, candy in yore stocking or Christmas Break. I like all of them.

Santa CookiesSanta Cookies1Santa Note

I had a tough Christmas Break because I was sick  and I  had a red eye.  On the other and my Christmas Break wasn’t ALL bad, some of it was ALOT of fun!

The things that I did that was fun was riding my mom’s boogie board that she bought in Hawaii down my street at night,  and my dads skim board was even funner than that! In the snow I stood on it and pretended I was surfing on a wave down the street.  I didn’t make it far, but my dad said I made it really far. After sledding we ate chocolate pudding pie.

Dakota Skim Board

Bodee Boogie Board

I’m grateful fore my presents and every thing else and my favorite present that I  got was my Rainbow Dash Equestria girl doll. And I like her because she is cool and colorful. My friend has the Fluttershy Equestria girl and Princess Celestia Equestria girl and we play with them a lot.

But the magic is not in the presents but in His presence.

Even though we like the presents the true meaning  of Christmas  is about Jesus’s birthday.  We always celebrate his birthday. It is about giving to other people.  We got lots of goodies from people in our town and I really liked eating them.  Especially the fudge that fudge is good!  I even used my rodeo money that I saved so I could buy my brother a Christmas present.  I bought him Monster’s University toys because he likes monsters and I like the toy that says “awwww THNAP.”  You should watch that movie and see him he is funny.BodeeDakota

 I hope next year we can make a plate of goodies for someone.  And I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas HO HO HO!

*Dakota has learned how to use the spell check on her blog.  Words that do not get underlined in red, do not get spell checked ;).

The Freezing Night

Did you know that it snows in Wyoming in October?  At the bon fire in our town it was pouring snow and my hands were FREEZZZING. I spray painted my name on the rode but it was getting washed away becus  of the snow.

dakota paint

road paint

When they lit the fire  it stopped snowing.   My family was warm really warm.  It was snowing so hard that I coold not see anything.  In fact my dads cowboy hat was coverd with snow. The snow looked like dip-n-dots ice cream. They were little mini snow balls.

dad hat


My grate Aunt and Uncle were there  and they were really fun.  At the park there was so much snow that I made a snowball. The whole reason we were there was becus it was HOMECOMING!  The football team was suppose to play but they were not able to becus the rodes were closed.  I would not want to play football in the snow and I am glad Rodeos are in the summer becus I would not like to goat tie in the snow . Did you know once I had to goat tie in the RAIN?!?!? And I was drenched with water!  I know that there will be a lot more cold nights but I have never been this freezing in October.

mom bodee dakota