Crowd of Kittens

One day when I  was at school mom and dad had a big suprise for me when I got home. It was a beautiful black,white and brown cat. I had a hard time finding a perfect name for her. Then it came to  the perfect name. I named  her Katyana.


I thought of that name because we had a dog named Katya. My brother wanted a cat too. So one of my moms friends said they had a boy cat and asked if we want it. So we  went to the house to see him. My brother wanted him so we got him. We put him with Katyana. My dad and my brother agreed on a name. The name was Black Jack.


We would play with them every day. But every day Katyana was getting fatter. One day mom was holding Katyana and she felt some thing moving in Katyanas belly! One day my mom was gone and Katyana had 5 babys. Black Jack wasnt sure what they were but he was nice to them. I made a little box for them.


After a couple of weeks later  Katyana moved them into my moms sewing box because there box was to little.


After a couple weeks they started to open there eyes. My mom didnt want them in the box any more so we put  them in a kennel with no gate. Then me and my brother thought of some names  a black and white one we named Oreo.  We then changed it to Vegas because she was getting some brown fur. A gray one my brother named Smokey.  A black and brown kitten with brown spots we named Ninja and a black kitten with a little bit of brown named Jet because all he did was run all over the place.

IMG_6993editIMG_6767edit IMG_6776edit1

There was a solid black kitten we named Pip Squeak because it is the smallest.  I had to bring Pip into the house two times a day to feed her milk and wet food because she was so small and mom said she was not growing like the other kittens.


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We put Jet and Ninja up on the computer to see if anyone would be want them for free.  A good family in our town took Jet and they love him.  Jet was the only boy of all the kittens.  His new owner is in my class! Someone wanted Ninja but only for a barn cat so my mom didn’t want to get rid of her yet.


We still have 4 of the kittens and I don’t want to get rid of any of them!  They are 3 months old and some day they will be as strong as there parents.  Pip is the only one that runs away when we go see them but I think she still likes me.  Vegas loves to help my mom feed the dogs.  She always tries to jump in the dog food but my mom just gives her some dog food and she gets out.  I want to keep them all because they are little cute rascals.

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