Old Boots Are Hard To Give Up!

This is a picher of my old boots.  They are relly speshel.  My mom bought me these boots becus my dog Nancy chewed up one of my boots I had before.  In these boots I have been in rodeos, played with my friends, hiked in the mountens, and wore them to school almost every day.  I wore them out ALOT.   When my mom asked me if I wanted new boots I said not really.  But she said I had to get some becus these had air conditioning and you could see my socks.  I just told her that I would change my socks everyday so I could stay clean  becus the dirt and mud would come into my shoes.  She also said they were starting to make me look like I was walking funny but I wasn’t.  It was the boots and I was walking normal.  I still use these boots to play in but now I have a new pair of boots thanks to Boot City and I use those to rodeo in.

Old Boots1

Old Boots2

These are my new boots.  They are really cool.  Whenever I saw my boots I LOVED them.  And I like the color of them.  I also got a new belt that maches them perfectly.  I feel so haaaaaapy when I don’t have rocks in my shoes, or dirt!  I can run fast in them and that helps me run to the goat beter.  I am glad that my mom told me to get new boots becus now  I have two pars of boots.  My mom thought she was going to be abel to throw the old ones away.  NOPE!

new boots

new boots1