Some of the best cowboys are COWGIRLS!

DakotaI am seven years old and I live in Wyoming.  I have a 4 year old brother named Bodee and he calls it Wy-home-ing.  My dad wus a professional bull rider when he was dating my mom  so he loves that I like to rodeo.  My mom cooks osom meals for me and my brother and my dad and she helps me practice tying my goat.

What do I do every day?  In the summer I have chors that I have to do each day.  My summer chors are easy but some days it is hard to do them becous I just want to play outside.  My neber comes over to play but sometimes I am besey doing things my mom and dad tell me to do.  I have to make my bed first and I like doing that 0% of the time.  We have 8 dogs and I have to take care of 3 of them that live in our house.  Their names are Kai, Katya and Nancy aka Keahi (my mom and dad call her that but her real name is Nancy since I named her that).  I will rite more about our other dogs in a different blog post.  We have a K9 training business so there is a lot more to tell about them.


Me and Kai

After I get dressed I have to brush Kai, Katya and Nancy and then pik up their dog poop in the yard.  My mom and dad pay me for this chor so it makes it esier to do.  3 dogs poop a million times in one day!  Tundra is the next animal I have to take care of.  She is a feisty goat but mom and dad say she has to eat every day lol.  I also have to make sure she has water to drink.  Do you know how much water a goat drinks in one day?  ALOT!  Tundra really helps me to be better at goat tying.  My mom says if I can tie Tundra I can tie any goat.



On the weekends I have different chors to do when we go down to train our horses.  We have two horses.  One is Bly my dads horse and the other is Shawnee.  My mom thinks this is her horse but she is wrong it is my horse.  I help my dad catch Shawnee in the pasture and then he works her in the big barn.   She was unbroken when he started in May but I have already been able to ride her.  When he has her in the round pen I have to pick up her poop when she goes so it does not stink in there.  I also get to help brush Shawnee and she really loves me.  When my dad works his horse Bly, I help clean out her stall with my mom and cousin Zoie.  Cleaning up that poop is way harder than cleaning up dog poop in my backyard.  After I am done with those chors all that I have to do is run around chasing chickens and playing on the horse swing that my aunt and uncle have on their horse walker.

Dakota leading Shawnee

Leading Shawnee w/ Dad


My future goat tying horse Shawnee

I love my summers here in Wy-home-ing and I am not looking forward to it being over!  In Wyoming our summers do not last that long.  The only good thing about the winter is that I do not have as many chors to do since it is so cold.  Did you know it got down to -28 this past winter?  Now you know why I like summer better even if I have to do chors!