Surviving the Winter

For surviving the winter you have to chop a trillion pieces of wood . But me and my cousin Zoie and my brother Bodee we did it the medium  way. The medium way is laying it on a tree stump and then we jump on it to break the wood if the wood is hard.  And if it is easy we only have to stomp on it. My dad uses a chainsaw and we have a wood splitter.  I am the one that gets to make the wood splitter work.  It can be a boring job sometimes so I take lots of breaks.  In our house we only use wood to keep warm in our wood stove.  We don’t even use our electricity because it gets so expensive.  It was hard work to get all of that wood but it will be really cold soon so I am glad we are done with that!

chopping wood

Dakota wood 1

wood stove

In the  barn our dog’s are like pup-sicles so we try to keep them warm. And every time we come to feed them my mom and dad have to get a ski pole and stab there water because there water is like an icicle. Some time’s we have  to dump out there water and give them new water. We once got heat lamps for the dog’s and they worked.  Ikaika likes to lay next to the heat lamps because it is super warm.  He likes the heat lamps over his warm dog house.  My dads dog Jed doesn’t like to be in his dog house either.  He lays on top of it next to the heat lamp.  I don’t think he will ever be cold since he is always running back and forth and back and forth.

Ikaika Heat Lamp

We have two horses one girl is a Buckskin Paint the other girl is a Dapple Gray . The Buckskin Paint is named Shawnee and the Dapple Gray is named Bly. We built stalls and one time I was jumping on the trampolean with Braydee and Lanston and the wind picked up our stalls and made it crash onto our upper nebers fence.  We screamed so loud we could of probably broke glass since we screamed so loud.  We have to build them a new place to get out of the snow and rain since the stalls were recked.  Dad says that if they have a place to get out of the wether they will be warm this winter.


stalls wrecked

We have a cat her name is Katyana. For some reason when I am about to come in  she is always  at the door. Once my mom was grocery shopping and she came in with a perfect box that was a perfect  cat house. We colored it after it was done it looked crazy. Then we put it in the garage. And once when I went in to check on her she was in the little box I made for her.  When she runs up to me I pick her up and feel her body.  It is toasty warm but her ears are always cold.


katayana house Dakota cat