The Freezing Night

Did you know that it snows in Wyoming in October?  At the bon fire in our town it was pouring snow and my hands were FREEZZZING. I spray painted my name on the rode but it was getting washed away becus  of the snow.

dakota paint

road paint

When they lit the fire  it stopped snowing.   My family was warm really warm.  It was snowing so hard that I coold not see anything.  In fact my dads cowboy hat was coverd with snow. The snow looked like dip-n-dots ice cream. They were little mini snow balls.

dad hat


My grate Aunt and Uncle were there  and they were really fun.  At the park there was so much snow that I made a snowball. The whole reason we were there was becus it was HOMECOMING!  The football team was suppose to play but they were not able to becus the rodes were closed.  I would not want to play football in the snow and I am glad Rodeos are in the summer becus I would not like to goat tie in the snow . Did you know once I had to goat tie in the RAIN?!?!? And I was drenched with water!  I know that there will be a lot more cold nights but I have never been this freezing in October.

mom bodee dakota