The Spirit of Christmas

I love Christmas!  Do you? What do you like best about Christmas? The presents, Santa, cookies and milk, candy in yore stocking or Christmas Break. I like all of them.

Santa CookiesSanta Cookies1Santa Note

I had a tough Christmas Break because I was sick  and I  had a red eye.  On the other and my Christmas Break wasn’t ALL bad, some of it was ALOT of fun!

The things that I did that was fun was riding my mom’s boogie board that she bought in Hawaii down my street at night,  and my dads skim board was even funner than that! In the snow I stood on it and pretended I was surfing on a wave down the street.  I didn’t make it far, but my dad said I made it really far. After sledding we ate chocolate pudding pie.

Dakota Skim Board

Bodee Boogie Board

I’m grateful fore my presents and every thing else and my favorite present that I  got was my Rainbow Dash Equestria girl doll. And I like her because she is cool and colorful. My friend has the Fluttershy Equestria girl and Princess Celestia Equestria girl and we play with them a lot.

But the magic is not in the presents but in His presence.

Even though we like the presents the true meaning  of Christmas  is about Jesus’s birthday.  We always celebrate his birthday. It is about giving to other people.  We got lots of goodies from people in our town and I really liked eating them.  Especially the fudge that fudge is good!  I even used my rodeo money that I saved so I could buy my brother a Christmas present.  I bought him Monster’s University toys because he likes monsters and I like the toy that says “awwww THNAP.”  You should watch that movie and see him he is funny.BodeeDakota

 I hope next year we can make a plate of goodies for someone.  And I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas HO HO HO!

*Dakota has learned how to use the spell check on her blog.  Words that do not get underlined in red, do not get spell checked ;).