You Don’t Pick Horses, They Pick You

I have gotten to ride a lot of horses and they were all pretty and some of them were handsom.  I got to ride a very fast horse that dous barrels and poles.  Her name is Hot Rod and she even walks fast.  My friend Tricia says she is a “hot horse” and hard to handle.  When she gallops I am in mid-air.  I did not like to ride her for that long. Tricia put me on a different horse to ride instead named Blackie.

Hot Rod

Blackie is a good horse but when you whip her too much she will buck.  I have learned that the easy way becus I saw someone ELSE get bucked off of her.  I rode her and I did not whip her so I did not get bucked off.  I rode her and I did a walk and a trot on her.


Rain is a good horse.  She is a Palamino and my friend Kallie uses her for goat tying.  She is awesome, sometimes slow, but still awesome.  She galloped with me once but usually she just walks.  Rain will let anyone ride her becus she is really sweet.

I also rode other horses named Essence, Little Man and Cree.  They are really nice and easy to ride but none of them are like my favorite horse, Shawnee becus she loves me and listens to me the best.

My mom pict Shawnee but she pict me!  She pict me becus I love her!  Evory time we visit her I always give her grass and pet her all over.  She was not even broken before my dad started braking her in June.  She is 4 years old and has never been ridden before my dad broke her.  This is a picture of the first time I ever rode her.  It was only 6 weeks after we started working her.  The first time I rode her my boots fell off and I rode with my socks.  She stepped on my boots but lucley I got new ones from Boot City.  That saddle was to big it was my dads.

First Ride

First Ride2

First Ride1

I love to brush Shawnee and my dad is teching me how to saddle up a horse.  Shawnee lets me do anything with her.  When she got her horseshoes she was good most of the time.  My mom let me give her love while she was getting her horseshoes so she woodnt go crazy.  She calmed down when I was with her and didn’t go crazy.

Shawnee Dakota Shoer

Brushing Shawnee


Shawnee is still my moms horse but she loves me a little bit more.  I hope that I can do barrels, goat tying and poles with her whenever I am able to ride her by myself at a lope.  Whenever I cluck to her she would trot and when I kiss to her she lopes.  And when I say whoa she stops emedietly.  Once when I said whoa I about went over the saddle horn becus she was loping and stopped so fast.

Dakota Ride

Now we have her at our house and I have only rode her once and my dad walked her so she can get used to her new home.  I can look outside and see our horses eating or running or playing or licking their salt lick.  It is a pretty view.  I am glad I get to see her every day becus I only saw her Saturdays or Fridays.  I can pet her whenever I want.  I can play with her whenever I want.  I just have to be careful of the shocking wire becus my dad says it will hurt BAD.  He already got shocked by it so he would know.  I made up this song just thinking of my horses.  “I looked out the window and what did I see?  Two little horses staring at me!”

Bly is our other horse.  I don’t ride her because she is my dad’s horse and she did not pick me!  My Aunt Karen says that next summer I can get my own baby colt. And I made a poem about the baby horse too.  “Boy or girl, I don’t care, I like horses everywhere.”

Then my mom can have her horse back.  MAYBE!